Designed and developed to cover the full value chain for real estate rentals.

Billing & Payment Processing

Our easy to use accounts dashboard gives you access to powerful billing and payment features. Save time with automatic mapping of bank transactions and easily allocate and approve payments from your dashboard. Create remittances for bulk payments to beneficiaries and export bulk payments files to simplify making bank payments.

Rental Portfolio Management

Easily view and manage the full rental process for each of your properties. Status fields are automatically updated to indicate the stage each property is in allowing you to get an overview of your full rental portfolio without having to micro-manage each unit.

Lease Management

rpmsonline supports the full contract management process and workflows for rentals including lease management, renewal and exit management.

Default Management

rpmsOnline enables you to easily track defaulting tenants and automatically keeps record of all correspondence sent to all parties to ensure you have a full audit trail. You can also set reminders to know when to follow up on previous actions from your dashboard.

Financial Reporting

We make it easy for you as a business owners to get all the necessary financial information from rpmsOnline to see exactly how their business is doing and to make financial year ends as painless as it can be.

Inspections & Maintenance

Integrated with RedRabbit - South Africa's best Maintenance and Inspection management solution. RedRabbit provides you with the tools to easily organize and track maintenance tickets from logged to completed and provide your landlords with professional Inspection reports.