February 16, 2015

Features Old

  • Property Listing
  • Property Mandates
  • Application Processing
  • Lease Generation
  • Billing and Payment Processing
  • Tenant and Landlord Statements
  • Distribution Statements
  • Tax Statements
  • Payment History Reporting
  • Bank Statement Import
  • Municipal Account Management
  • BC Account Management
  • Deposit Management
  • Default Management
  • TPN Payment Profile Updates
  • Email and SMS Communication
  • Beneficiary Remittances
  • Agent Remittances
  • Company Income Reports
  • Company VAT Reports
  • Trust Account Reconciliation
  • Trust Account Audit Reports
  • Renewal Management
  • Exit Management
  • Inspection Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Contractor Account Management
  • Agent Portal
  • Landlord Portal
  • Tenant Portal

Rental Portfolio Management
Easily view and manage the rental process for each of your properties.
Status fields are automatically updated to indicate the stage each property is in.
Property Dashboard

Contract Management
Contracts Menu
rpmsOnline.com supports all the major Contract Management processes including:
  • Lease Management
  • Renewal Management
  • Exit Management
  • Default Management

Lease Agreements

Current Leases Dashboard

Easily view and manage all your current Lease Agreements. View Lease details or initiate renewal and exit processes.

Simple Lease Setup

Lease Form

rpmsOnline will automatically compile a Lease Record for you when a New Application is Approved and link the Property, Mandate and Application. Lease Information is derived from Company Defaults, Mandate Information and Application Information. Productivity Features are provided to Compile a Lease Terms addendum and Proof of Address with the click of a button.

Click to Compile

Lease Terms Addendum

The auto compiled Lease Terms Addendum contains all the Lease information and can be used in conjunction with your standard set of Lease Terms to form a comprehensive and Professional Lease Agreement.


Renewal Management

Easily track renewal processes and email/sms correspondence related to renewals. Productivity Features include compilation of single and bulk Emails to Tenants and Landlord with important context specific information auto completed such as the current lease End Date, Current Rent, suggested New Rent, etc.

Default Management


rpmsOnline enables you to easily track defaulting tenants and automatically keeps record of all correspondence sent to all parties to ensure you have a full audit trail. You can also set reminders to know when to follow up on previous actions.

Default Dashboard

The default dash board gives you a bird’s eye view of all the important information on a default record such as basic detail, correspondence, and documents. Productivity Features are provided to capture Payment Arrangements and to update Landlords and Tenants via Email and/or SMS with the click of a button.

Accounts Management
Accounts Menu
Easy to use account dash boards:
  • Billing Process
  • Auto Mapping of Bank Credit and Debit Transactions
  • Allocation and approval of Payment Splits
  • Creation of Remittances for Bulk Payments to Beneficiaries
  • Generation of Bulk Payment Files that can be uploaded to Banking Portals
  • Extensive Payment History Reporting

Tenant Billing & Payments
Tenant Acc

rpmsOnline.com accounts support the concept of Category Balances in order to avoid having to do time consuming recons to determine the breakdown of outstanding balances. The category balances dashboard shows up to date Information on exactly what every tenant or landlord balance consist of. Productivity Features include the auto creation of Tenant Transactions when Billing Operations is performed or when Payment Processing is done.

Landlord Account

Landlord Account

The rpmsOnline.com Landlord Account supports a combination of the Landlord Income and Expense Account with support for Income, Recovery and Expense Categories. It has never been easier to explain the status of a Landlord Account. Productivity Features include the auto creation of Landlord Income and Expense transaction when Billing is done or Payments processed.

Billing & Payment rules

Mandate Billing and Payment Rules

Billing and Payment rules can be configured in the Mandate for the Management of Mun Accounts, BC Accounts, Utility Accounts, Pool Accounts, Garden Accounts and Security Accounts. rpmsOnline.com will apply the Billing and Payment rules specified during Billing and Payment operations to automate the posting of Tenant and Landlord transactions, thereby creating huge productivity savings for the administrator.
The example above the Mun Services rule is set to “Bill Tenant and Pay Service Provider”. During Billing operations rpmsOnline will automatically bill the Services Component of a New Municipal Account to the Tenant Account. When the Tenant pays his Mun Services, the system will auto suggest a Payment Split for the Mun Services to the Municipality defined.

Payment Allocation

Payment Allocation Dashboard

The Payment Allocation dashboard has been designed to simplify the Payment Split process and includes tons of productivity features such as split suggestions and semi-auto Payment Split operations. In addition the Administrator have access to all Account, History and Category Balance Information to assist during the allocation process.

Bank Payment Schedule

Bank Payment Schedule

Approved Payment Allocations are automatically compiled into a Bank Payment schedule with the bank details for all the payments to beneficiaries. A Bulk Payment File can be generated for all the major Banking Portals that can be uploaded to your Bank Portal for Bulk Payments.

Account Statements

Tenant Statement

Tenant Account Statements are automatically compiled and sent to Tenants via Email when rent is billed or when a payment allocation is approved.

Distribution Statements

Distribution Statement

Distribution or Cash Flow Statements are automatically compiled and sent to Landlords when a payment to a Landlord is marked as PAID in the system. The Distribution Statement shows exactly how an Amount that was received from a Tenant has been allocated to Beneficiary Payments.

Landlord Statements

Landlord Statement

Landlord Account Statements can be sent in bulk to a selection of Landlords as and when required. Landlord Statements show the following:
  • What Income was due to a Landlord (Rent and Cost Recoveries)
  • What Income was received by a Landlord
  • What Expenses was to be paid by a Landlord from the Income Received
  • What Expenses was actually paid from the Income Received
  • What Amount is due to / paid in advance to the Landlord

Payment History

Payment History

Easily Find and Sort Payment History.

Account Balances

Account Balances

View all the Account Balances for Landlords and Tenants. Tenant Balances exceeding a threshold can be marked for Default Management and rpmsOnline will compile the Default Record with the relevant information.



Month-end Process
Management View Fin Management
rpmsOnline.com provides powerful capabilities to assist the Rental Management team to perform the normal Rental Month-end processes:
  • Compilation of Agent Commission Remittances
  • Reconciliation of the Deposit Account including the capitalization of interest earned
  • Reconciliation of the company Trust Account
  • Compilation of Company Income, VAT and Debtors reports for the auditors

Agent Remittances

Agent Remittance

Agent Remittances are easily compiled per Agent and include the applicable commission structure for each property. Agent commission splits can be specified on a per Agent basis.

Agent Portal

Agent View

Agents can log into the Agent Portal and work on their specific properties whilst also having a view on the full Company portfolio. Agents can Load New Properties, Mandates and Applications for their Properties from the Agent Portal. Applications loaded are submitted for processing by the Administrator.

Landlord Portal

Landlord View

Landlords can now Self Service and gain access to their portfolio information by logging in to the Landlord Portal.

Landlord Portfolio Account

Landlords who have multiple Properties can setup Property Portfolios to gain access to Portfolio based financial information. Financial Information for the portfolio derived and summarized based on the Financial Information of the individual Lease Agreements linked to the Portfolio.

Tenant Portal

Tenant View

Tenants can also Self Service by logging in to the Tenant Portal to gain access to their information.