February 16, 2015


Signup Fee - R 8000 (Once-off Fee)
This once off signup fee includes the following:

  • Administration and Setup Costs for your two accounts (Actual Account & Sandbox/Training Account)
  • Access to basic online video training
  • Skype Hands-holding for your first month end
  • Unlimited access to our integrated knowledge base
Monthly Licence Fee (R650 + 60USD + R20 / managed lease) Minimum of R2800 p/m
The subscription License Has 3 Components:

  • R 650 Basic Licence
  • 60 USD Hosting Fees (The hosting fee component is linked to the USD as we host with Amazon AWS)
  • R 20 per managed lease
  • Annual escalation of 8% on 1 April each year. (Only on Basic Licence and managed lease fee)

The cost per lease only applies to leases that are current and that are not Procurement Only Leases.
(Thus you don’t pay for properties where you only do procurement or properties standing empty)

All prices exclude VAT.

You have 150 Properties of which 10 are Procurement only contracts,
and 10 are standing empty or don’t have tenants yet.

Thus your total Licence fee for the following month will be (Assuming an exchange rate of ZAR12.00/USD):

Basic Licence & Hosting Fee = R 1370
130 Current Managed Leases * R 20 = R2600


The monthly subscription license fee (payable in advanced based on stats for the month) includes:

Unlimited Users (Various access levels [Manager, Rental Admin, Agent])
Unlimited Properties
Free integration with RedRabbit inspecitons & Maintenance (You must have a RedRabbit Account)
External User Logins for your landlords & Tenants

Secondary (Sandbox) Account that you can use for all training and testing purposes.

2 Hour support retainer valued at R 700 p/m which is used in 15 minutes increments for any Paid-Support Calls logged.

Landlord and Tenant Data Import Assistance - R 5 / Line (Optional Once-off Fee)
This service provides for the bulk importing of Landlord and Tenant data from a CSV file based on a pre-defined template.