February 24, 2015

General Info

What is a Hosted or Cloud Based Solution?
The features of a hosted solution can be accessed from any Internet Browser and the user pays for using the solution on a monthly subscription basis. End Users do not have to invest in Hardware Infrastructure. The hosting service provider takes care of the Platform and Data Security.
How many licenses will we need?
You will need a subscription license per Trust Account Managed.
The rpmsOnline.com subscription provides for a Management Login, Unlimeted Rental Admin Logins, Unlimited Agent Logins, Unlimited Landlord and Tenant Logins and more… See pricing for further details.
How do I subscribe?
The process steps are as follows:​
• Send us an Email to request an Application / Debit Order Authorisation form
• Completed, sign and send the form to info@rpmsOnline.com
• An invoice will be issued for the upfront costs payable. Make payment via EFT and submit proof
• Your company will be setup and the Management View login details will be sent via Email
How long will it take to activate the subscription license?
As soon as the subscription process has been completed, the licenses can be activated in a hour or two.
How can we transfer our existing Data and what will it cost?
If your existing Landlord and Tenant data can be exported to a CSV File format, we can assist to import the Landlord and Tenant data where possible.
Imports are done at a cost of R 5 / line imported.
What training and help resources are available?
rpmsOnline comes standard with the following facilities included that should be sufficient to get you going:​
– Comprehensive on-line help guides
– Comprehensive on-line Video Training Course

If the above is not sufficient, we offer 6 x 3 hour training sessions for administrators at a cost of R 900 / session (excluding S&T). The course can unfortunately only be presented to a maximum of 2 attendees at a time.​
Any S&T required resulting from travel outside a 50km radius from our offices in Bellville, will be for the customer’s account.
What support do you offer?

The rpmsOnline.com support concept has been designed to ensure that customers receive the most appropriate and cost effective support given their skills and experience.

For the purpose of rpmsOnline.com support, the following support call types are defined:

Types of Support

Support Call – Type “Normal”

Any assistance required over and above the available Help and Training resources to resolve a problem. It is assumed that the system is being used by a competent and fully trained person.

The rpmsOnline.com support team will attend to the support call on a best effort basis as soon as possible.

Support Call – Type “Paid”

Support is classified as PAID support when:

– Assistance is required by an inexperienced user or a user who had no training
– Assistance is required to correct a mistake made by a user
– Assistance is required related to incorrect or incomplete data entered by the user
– Assistance is required related to a business process (i.e. Renewal Management)
– Assistance is required related to a platform or browser or internet connectivity issue

Paid Support will be billed in 30 minute increments at R 150 / increment.

The rpmsOnline.com support team will attend to the support call on a best effort basis as soon as possible.

Support Call – Type “Bug”

When a rpmsOnline.com problem is reported that can be replicated / simulated and cannot be attributed to a data or user related problem, it will be recorded as a known rpmsOnline.com Bug. Bugs will be categorised and dealt with as follows:

Impact: High

These bugs have a direct impact on the business operations of the customer. The rpmsOnline.com support team will endeavour to provide a work around within 24 hours and a final fix within 7 days.

Impact: Medium

These bugs have an indirect impact on the business operations of the customer. The rpmsOnline.com support team will endeavour to provide a work around within 48 hours and a final fix within 14 days.

Impact: Low

These bugs are normally cosmetic in nature and have little to no impact on the customer business operations. The rpmsOnline.com support team will endeavour to fix these bugs as part of the next major release, normally every 3 to 6 months.

Support Plans

Support plans are paid for on a monthly basis and entitles the support plan user to 2 hours PAID support per month. The advantage of buying a Support Plan is that it is more cost effective and has a higher priority than normal support. Support Plans are available in increments of 2 hours at an hourly rate of R 150 / hour. For example:

2 hour Support Plan – R 300 / month (R 600 of PAID support – you save R 300 / month)
4 hour Support Plan – R 600 / month (R 1 200 of PAID support – you save R 600 / month)
6 hour Support Plan – R 900 / month (R 1 800 of PAID support – you save R 900 / month)

The rpmsOnline.com support team will endeavour to resolve support calls logged under a support plan within 2 business days. Normal support is done on a best effort basis.

Calls logged under Support Plans are accounted for in 15 minute increments (Normal Support is accounted for in 30 Minute increments). Support exceeding the amount of available support for the month will be billed in 30 minute increments at R 150 increment. Customers will have the option to upgrade their support plan to the next level if and when required.

Support Process

It is important to consult the available resources before logging a call.

There are Step by Step guides, video tutorials, case studies and release notes that explain in detail how to use the system. These resources are stored under the Help menu function.

You can engage the RPMS Support Team as follows:

– By logging a Support Call directly from rpmsOnline.com (preferred method)
– By logging a Support Call via E Mail to support@rpmsonline.com
– By logging a Support Call via Skype (See Skype address details on signatures)

Please note that you cannot call the office for support. A call needs to be logged for all support requests. This is to treat all support calls on a first logged, first serviced basis.

When a support call is received via any of the methods above, the call will be logged by the attending support engineer. In order to get the best possible service, it is important to include the following information when logging the call:

– Your Name and Role in the organisation
– The Name of the Property that you were working on when experiencing the problem
– Exactly what you were trying to do when the problem occurred
– The symptoms of the problem in as much detail as possible
– Any questions / issues that you would like to have resolved

The support engineer will contact you when he starts working on the call and when additional clarification is required. Alternatively, he will advise what workaround can be used and when the problem will be fixed.

Emergency Telephone Support

Should you require emergency support, you can call the office on 021-913 6107. Please note that all Emergency Support (excluding calls related to Bugs) will be billed to the customer account at a rate of
R 100 / 15 minute increment or part there-of.

The rpmsOnline.com Customer Representative

In order to streamline the communication process, the customer must appoint one of its administrators as the rpmsOnline.com Customer Representative. The Customer Representative will be copied in on all Support Call correspondence and will be responsible to assist in the identification of training gaps. The rpmsOnline.com support team will also communicate important information such as New Release updates and scheduled system maintenance to the Customer Representative, who will then be responsible to ensure that this information is distributed correctly in the customer organisation.

New Personnel

From time to time new personnel will be joining the customer organisation. If these people are going to use the system, they need to be trained. Support calls from new untrained users will be handled as Paid Support Calls and will either be billed or accounted for against any existing Support Plan.

rpmsOnline.com Training Resources

rpmsOnline offers formal training as well as informal Skype training. The formal training courses are presented in three hour sessions at R 600 per session excluding any Travelling and Accommodation where required. The informal Skype training sessions are presented in 30 minute sessions at R 200 / session.

The following 3 hour training modules are available:

– System overview and Portfolio Data Management
– Lease Management including Renewal and Exit Management
– Billing Processes
– Inspections and Maintenance
– Payment Processing
– Month-end Processes including Advanced Topics

The training modules are also available in the form of a complete Video Training Course. The Video Training course will be made available to all users who have a current active Support Plan in place or who have undertaken the full paid training course.

What data security measures are in place?
The rpmsOnline servers are hosted in the Amazon AWS cloud.

AWS’s world-class, highly secure data centers utilize state-of-the art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems. Data centers are staffed 24×7 by trained security guards, and access is authorized strictly on a least privileged basis. Environmental systems are designed to minimize the impact of disruptions to operations. And multiple geographic regions and Availability Zones allow you to remain resilient in the face of most failure modes, including natural disasters or system failures.

The AWS virtual infrastructure has been designed to provide optimum availability while ensuring complete customer privacy and segregation.

AWS has achieved ISO 27001 certification and has been validated as a Level 1 service provider under the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS). Each certification means that an auditor has verified that specific security controls are in place and operating as intended.

On top of security measures implemented by Amazon to protect their data centers (physical and network related), rpmsOnline deploy strict firewalls to further improve security so that the entire application, including your data, runs securely behind firewalls.

The entire rpmsOnline database is also backed up daily to another availability zone in order to minimise loss of data in the event of failures or disasters.

Privacy Policy
Visitors to the rpmsOnline.com web site might be required to enter personal information if they want to sign-up to use the services. Any such personal information is used solely for the purpose of enabling the customer to use the rpmsOnline services and will not be disclosed or distributed to third parties for any purpose whatsoever.

rpmsOnline customers making use of the rpmsOnline services might have to load personal contact information of their customers onto the rpmsOnline database in order to use the communication services provided. The rpmsOnline customer will in such cases be responsible for the handling and management of personal information of their customers.

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